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It’s important to have friends in life. Support is crucial, especially when it comes to finding deals on the best porn sites. I know a few people who get the best discounts and they pass them along to me sometimes. That made me understand why I need to do the same for other people. What goes around “cums” around, I always say.

As you know, porn blog sites play a big role. You’re looking at one right now so you know that fact. We like to look out for all those other good sites doing the good work of helping us jerk, so click here to find another gay porn discounts blog. We’ve taken a long hard look at this one and these deals are fucking legit, so don’t pass on it.

How good are these deals? I barely got through checking them out before I had to jerk off myself. I love my job. So go check out these deals or I jerked off for nothing. That’d be a fucking crime, now wouldn’t it?

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If you want a world of hot men at your fingertips, but don’t want to go broke in the process, you should take advantage of this $20 discount to Next Door Buddies here. This site is going to unlock hot jocks, muscled guys, twinks, and straight studs engaged in a wide variety of hardcore gay action you don’t want to miss.

When the site first originated it featured straight men in solo jerk-off videos and occasionally two guys masturbating together. They’ve since broadened their horizons and provide viewers with a wide variety of scenarios. Watch as straight guys try gay sex for the first time, and horny couples feeding off one another. Connor Maguire, Marcus Mojo, Mason Wyler, Austin Wilde, and Brenner Bolton are some of my favorite studs featured here.

Members will also enjoy full access to 16 sites for the price of 1. Some of my favorites are Next Door Castings, Next Door Hookups, and Next Door Twink. Trust me; this is a deal that you don’t want to miss out on.

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Group sex was how I lost my virginity. I was almost 18 and had become intrigued by an older man. I wasn’t out of the closet yet and had never even had a boyfriend. Ted could sense my vulnerability and zeroed in on it. I was working at a Footlocker and he was my manager. One night, we were closing together and he asked me if I wanted to go to a party with him after.

When we got there, I noticed it was all guys. There was lots of alcohol too. Nobody cared that I was underage. It didn’t take me long to put together what kind of party I was at. I was so nervous and so excited all at once.

Ted started making out with a man right in front of me. No one at the store knew he was gay, but I had obviously suspected it and he had easily spotted it with me. At first, I was hurt to see him kissing someone else, but then he waved me over and started kissing me too. Before I knew it, my pants were around my ankles and the other guy was sucking my dick while Ted kissed me and squeezed my nipples. They laughed when I came so quickly. Then they told me it was their turn. I was fucked by five different guys that night.

This Bromo discount gets you up to 73% off and you’ll want to check out the group sex tag while you are there.

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There was such a heatwave today and since I was in full aircon I wasn’ bothered by it in the slightest. If anything I was getting hot and sweaty thinking about how I was going to jerk off with men online. I had just the guy in mind and in just a few minutes he will be online and ready for me.

I love looking this stud in the eye as we both work together to get to the point of orgasm. He has such a sweet smile but even better his cock is as thick as you could ever hope for. I’d really do just about anything to meet him in person. I would make sure that every inch of his dick was treated with the respect that it deserved.

Masturbating online with men does have me wanting more. You never seem to have an issue getting to that point where you feel like releasing it all, but yet there is a time when you start to think just how awesome this would be if more men were willing to jerk off online. If you’ve been wanting to give it a try I think you’d be very welcome to join our gay cam show and have some fun!

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If you’re looking for hot amateur gay guys getting it on in the hottest hardcore action, then this is where you’ll want to be. You can even spank it with a 68% off discount from Sean Cody and never miss a thing. You’ll find the sexiest guys here you could ever imagine, and their love for cock runs deep. This is the kind of site that drains my balls every time I visit.

The kind of guys you’ll see here are twinks, jocks, athletes, and gym rats. No matter what type gets you going, you’ll be sure to find your dream guy here. This site has been a leader in gay porn since 2001 and continues to stay ahead of the curve by always providing viewers with the hottest guys and the best quality content. Whether you want to see couples getting it on at home, or having sex on the beach, you’ll find it all right here. Although these guys are amateurs, they’re pros when it comes to satisfying. This is the kind of deal you don’t want to miss out on.

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Sometimes people find themselves in a bind and end up doing pretty questionable shit for money. I did a few weed transactions back in the day when I wasn’t even desperate. I just wanted extra cash for concert tickets. That’s small potatoes though. The men on take things a lot further than I ever did. I mean, sure I’ve used sex to get boyfriends and lovers to give me the things I want, but I never fucked a stranger and let them film it in exchange for cash.

Save 73% now with a Dirty Scout discount and watch as a guy named Tom lures in his prey. It all takes place in the Czech Republic. The economy has hit a lot of people pretty hard. Men need jobs but aren’t having any luck. Tom runs an agency and offers to help the guys out, but first they have to suck his cock and let him fuck them!

Some of the straight guys act repulsed but that doesn’t prevent them from undressing and bending over.

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There’s only one strip club within a 30-mile radius of my house, and they only have male dancers a few times per year. Stockbar is the kind of strip club I could only dream of going to. This place has the hottest men I’ve ever seen, and they take it all off. The best part is that I can watch from the comfort of my own home. It’s like having the best seat in the house for every single show. Right now you can even take advantage of this offer and get a quarterly discount of 23% off at

You can choose which stage you want to view, so you always get to see your favorite performer. These guys are masters of seduction and are sure to have you rock hard every single time. If you really want to see some hot action, check out the shower shows. These guys dripping wet is sure to have you blowing your load. Never worry about large crowds or people looking at you funny when you pull your cock out and start beating off.



Sometimes people just don’t know what’s out there, so they settle for less than they deserve. For instance, did you know that there are 14 full sites out there, with phenomenal quality videos in the thousands that you can get all in one place? I’m talking about over 755 of the sexiest men in intense and explicit fuck scenes that are fully downloadable and available on every device, just waiting to make you cum?

Did you also know that you can get all of that exclusive action for cheap with this 84% off discount for Man Royale? There’s no need to settle for subpar porn, not when the hottest videos you will have ever seen are available here for a crazy low price.

There is no need to ever go anywhere else, not when you get such a fantastic deal and such incredible variety covering a wide range of hot homoerotic niches to give you what you crave when you crave it. Get in on these gorgeous men in intense sex vids here!

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If you’re a lover of gay porn like I am then you should take advantage of this William Higgins 63% off discount offer and see the absolute best that’s out there. I’m a bisexual man and I like to consider myself a lover of beautiful things. It doesn’t really matter to me if I’m about to have sex with a male or a female. What matters to me is how turned on I am. I’ve always said I’m attracted to people, not parts. I’ve met plenty of gorgeous people that once you get to know them, their attitudes make them the ugliest people ever. The same applies in reverse from time to time as well.

At William Higgins all the men are extremely sexy and have the nicest cocks you’ve ever seen, but not all of them are gay. A lot of them are paid to do gay porn and they need the money so they’re willing to do what it takes. Just knowing that a straight guy has a dick shoved up his ass gets me going.

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I am not exclusive to gay porn. I don’t know if I’m considered bi or fluid or what, but I just like fucking. I like doing it, I like watching it, and I like fantasizing about it. I also really like to see cum. Whether it’s straight, trans, or gay porn, I always want to see the cock pop off and the hot flow of jizz unleashed. It is so much more satisfying for me when that happens.

One thing that really does it for me inside Man Royale is all the fantastic cum shots. The semen is practically dripping off the screen in some of the scenes here. Hot little fuckboys get facialed and creamed on constantly. Their assholes are plowed by hard cocks; those cocks always stay until they’re finished, getting exactly what they need.

If you get hot thinking about that, then you should waste no time getting in on this discount of 66% off for Man Royale. It will also get you into the entire Gay Room mega pass of 12 sites for one super low price.

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It’s official you guys. I am going to Hell. Last night, I was reading all the latest news on the terrible California fires. The entire town of Paradise is gone. Smoke and ash is everywhere. Even celebrities are fleeing their homes and asking for help with their horses. People are missing. It is complete devastation and it is awful.

Then I started thinking about the brave fire fighters out there and what heroes they are. Then I started to get hard. Yep. During all of that awful news, my fireman fantasies started stirring. I felt terrible about myself, but I also felt the need to cum.

I opened a new tab and headed straight over to Falcon Studios. I found a video that looked good and I fapped until I could fap no more. I put out the fire burning in my loins with a massive spray of cum. They really do have some of the hottest gay talent on the planet. You can save 76% off with a Falcon Studios discount.

After cleaning up, I made a donation to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation to help with hydration backpacks for all of the brave men and women out there battling the flames.

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I’ve been happily married for many years. My wife is absolutely amazing and I love her very much. Not long ago I was looking at porn and while I was surfing I came across this site. I was going to keep scrolling but my cock started to tingle. I decided to watch just one video and I couldn’t believe it. I had a full blown erection almost immediately. These guys were studs. I hadn’t ever been attracted to a man before so it was unfamiliar to me, but there wasn’t any denying the attraction.

I still don’t consider myself to be gay, but the guys at this site have complete control over my cock. When I found out I could knock 50% off with this discount to I had no choice but to sign up. Honestly it’s worth every penny. I just have to make sure my wife never finds out I like cock as much as she does. It’s my little secret for now.

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I used to play high school football, not because I liked football so much, but because I thought all those guys were fucking hot. As a gay athlete, I was able to hang out with other studs who kept their bodies in peak physical condition. Those grunts they made while working out made me almost cum in my gym shorts.

When I watch gay porn I still want to see attractive, physically fit men. When I’m working out my “third arm” I want to watch some bulging biceps, six packs, and rock hard glutes on my screen. Call me shallow, but if I’m going in deep I want that ass to be in pristine condition.

That’s why I am a member of Colt Studio Group, one of the most trusted names in gay porn. All the guys are gorgeous! I also get my pick of genre like solo, rimming, threesomes, toys, bondage, you name it!

Instead of babbling about it, go grab this COLT Studio Group discount for 45% off and see for yourself!

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I love watching bottom-guys getting rammed by their big manly tops. I want to see those holes get raw like they should be. So, imagine how excited I was to find this site called Drill My Hole. And I was not disappointed, because the content lived up to the name!

Right now they are offering great deals, both monthly and yearly. But what truly made this a match made in manly heaven was that is also included a membership to the Network. If you didn’t know, MEN is an award-winning collection of the best gay porn sites on the web. And you get their 10 sexy themed sites in this huge “package” deal. I have a rock hard cock just typing about it.

With the added network content, you get over 8,500 high-quality videos to drool over. I shouldn’t have to tell you that’s enough drilling to find gay gold.

If you’re ready for the best gay porn deal you’re ever going to find, click this link for the Drill My Hole discount for 73% in savings. What are you waiting for?

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If you’re into kinky stuff with ropes and leather and bondage devices, then let me tell you that there isn’t any other place like These guys are simply the best when it comes to this stuff. Their big-budget productions outdo the rest; these are the true pros of the niche, and you’ll understand that immediately the second you take a look inside. Visually and aesthetically, these videos are just spectacular.

The network will put 6 sites at your disposal, some of which are Naked Kombat, Bound In Public, and 30 Minutes Of Torment. I’m obviously talking about exclusive content, which you’ll be able to stream or download unlimitedly! Want in on this kinky action? Here, save 51% right now on Kink Men with this discount link and enjoy all of the benefits for a lower price!

If you’re also interested in other kinds of gay porn, check out these gay porn discounts and see if you find something you like. I’m sure you will. There are many cool sites offering bears, twinks, hunks, jocks, and plenty of bareback sex.

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