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For some reason there is this misperception that adult dating has to be harder because you are gay. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are just as many gay men in sites like Shagaholic as there are straight men. Well, sort of…

From time to time I like to do polls on my blogs. I have hundreds of them and many of them are straight blogs. Well, at least I thought they were straight blogs. As it turns out a typical big cock sex blog with a primary focus on males with big cocks fucking porn stars ends up having only 38% straight males. The rest of the males are 30% bisexual and 20% gay. That means my big cock blogs have more guys willing to suck cock than they do guys only interested in straight sex!

I would imagine the same kinds of numbers are true for just about any adult site out there including dating sites. Sure there might be some deviation since my blog was mostly being searched for by the term "big cock", but you can see how this could still be true elsewhere.

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Being gay you know that life can sometimes be a bit too busy to allow for dating the normal way. There simply isn’t enough time in the day to keep trying out different guys looking for Mr. Right. Things would be so much easier if you and your friends could find quality guys online. It is possible to do so and you can make a lot of money helping to facilitate it.

The gay dating programs on will get you started. Join for free and use their marketing promos to draw guys in and create free accounts. You get $2 to $7 for every guy you can bring in. Or you could try revenue sharing so that as guys spend money on premium services you get a cut of every transaction.

Another big benefit for you is that you can become a dating expert yourself and you learn to find untapped areas of the web filled with gay men looking for an easier way to score with other guys. Once you have a good amount of signups going revshare can make your rich without you haven’t to continue to work so hard. It is a truly passive income stream!

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