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My blog’s readers come from many different backgrounds and different sexual orientations.

The most obvious type of guy on this blog is the gay type. This type knows they are gay and has known since they could first remember. The next type of reader is bi-sexual. He enjoys both men and women. Next, we have the bi-sexually curious. Maybe his girlfriend or wife wants to see him with another guy or perhaps he wishes she did! Finally, we have the straight guy that is pretty much just curious. He enjoys the fact that he can be curious in the privacy of his own home.

That is where Xtra Inches comes in. Nobody prefers to see a small cock. Not even a curious guy. To the curious guy is like the game You Show Me Yours and I’ll Show You Mine. He is impressed with what he sees and he digs deeper (excuse the pun).

When it comes to the curious guy he probably thinks, “Damn! No wonder why she wants to see me with another dude. She not only gets to see me and another guy pleasuring each other, she gets to see his big cock too!” This guy starts to wonder if maybe he should start putting things up his butt to stretch things out before he and his significant other start trolling bars looking for a third party.

The gay male is rooted in reality. He knows the world isn’t full of well-hung studs, unfortunately. Perhaps he fell in love with a man and found out later that he wasn’t exactly all that and a bag of chips below the belt. But, he loves him just the same. He can always login and dream!

Xtra Inches is one of the few gay sites that goes the extra mile. Begun in 2003, Xtra Inches is on a mission to bring you the hottest guys with the largest cocks of any site. New amateur gay videos are uploaded every two weeks and amateur pics are uploaded weekly. Porn Star studs are easier to find so their videos are updated weekly and there is a DVD section with full length movies in 30 different niches and sub-niches!

No matter what type of guy you are, Xtra Inches will leave you satisfied!

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