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Are you wondering how it all starts for guys that are born straight, but curious about the gay thoughts rattling around in their heads? Well, they go to college, get drunk on a hot night and end up doing body shots on each other. Sound more like a gay porn flick? Well, sometimes art imitates life and this is one of those times.

Everybody talks about how girls get curious about their own bisexual thoughts like it is mainstream, but guys doing the same thing is still hush-hush. How many movies or TV shows have to address this issue before people realize that it is normal?

While watching House of Cards on Netflix last night the main character Frank Underwood goes back to his old alma mater where he and some old friends get mischievous. While in an old part of the school he and another chap reminisce about their old sexual promiscuities. How many guys have had this same discussion with an old friend, but are afraid to say it outside of the closet?

Both the NFL and the NBA are debuting the first openly gay players in the history of major league sports. Perhaps this will help bring about some discussions that are long overdue. Until then Allan Henning is going to continue to keep quiet about what the rest of us already know.

Blogged Under: Coeds,Straight Gay

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