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Group sex was how I lost my virginity. I was almost 18 and had become intrigued by an older man. I wasn’t out of the closet yet and had never even had a boyfriend. Ted could sense my vulnerability and zeroed in on it. I was working at a Footlocker and he was my manager. One night, we were closing together and he asked me if I wanted to go to a party with him after.

When we got there, I noticed it was all guys. There was lots of alcohol too. Nobody cared that I was underage. It didn’t take me long to put together what kind of party I was at. I was so nervous and so excited all at once.

Ted started making out with a man right in front of me. No one at the store knew he was gay, but I had obviously suspected it and he had easily spotted it with me. At first, I was hurt to see him kissing someone else, but then he waved me over and started kissing me too. Before I knew it, my pants were around my ankles and the other guy was sucking my dick while Ted kissed me and squeezed my nipples. They laughed when I came so quickly. Then they told me it was their turn. I was fucked by five different guys that night.

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