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I have a buddy that recently informed me that he thinks he is bisexual. He knows I am gay so I guess he figured he could confide in me about thinks his hunting buddies would probably shoot him over. One of his biggest issues is that he has homosexual urges at times when he can’t act on them in person with someone, plus, he doesn’t know where to find guys in person.

I told him to use Camboys 247 for all of his "urges" no matter what time, day or night. The site is populated with guys of all ages and all shapes and sizes. The nice thing is my buddy can reach the site on his cell phone or laptop while on a business trip so his wife doesn’t find out.

If you are having "urges" and you need to find a place to exercise them that can be your own little secret I suggest It is free to join and there is are so many good reasons to keep going back often!

Blogged Under: Bi-Sexual,Gay,Straight Gay

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