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It shouldn’t be hard to find in the first timer in this video from Boys First Time. He is the kid looking for a pussy and finding a set of well groomed balls instead!

It doesn’t take Skyller long (no pun intended) to figure out what he is supposed to be doing and before long he has all of JR’s huge cock deep in his throat!

Skyller always wondered if he could deep throat a cock and never thought he’d actually get a chance to see if he could do it. Growing up in a good Christian family, Skyller was all set to get married and asked his soon-to-be-wife for one night to do as he pleased… She figured he meant a bachelor party, but she wasn’t thinking about anything like this!

Boys First Time gives you an uninhibited look at young guys trying gay sex for the first time. Some enthusiastically throw themselves at that hard cock and others need a little coaxing. Either way, in the end, they all turn out satisfied!



Gay guys know where to go when you want a really sweet, mind blowing, blowjob. You go to another guy. Straight guys have it all wrong. Women don’t know jack about giving a blowjob. Even the best, deepthroating woman can’t hold a candle to a deepthroating gay man!

At Male Digital they feature hot gay men having uncensored gay sex. They let it all hang out! Open your mind and get your cock out because once you try it, there ain’t no going back!

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