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Ever since I found out that my cock could grow I became fascinated with it. I played with it a lot and then it hit me – I wondered if other guys had cocks as big as mine. While the majority of my friends were wondering about the intricacies of girls and their pussies I was more interested in everything having to do with boys and boners.

Thinking about it now I am sure I have some kind of female gene in me that causes me to wonder how big of a cock I can fit in my ass, much the same way as women wonder about how big of a cock they can fit in their vaginas. Maybe that is why I get along with women do darn well. We both understand each other on a level most men cannot!

If you are like me, and you probably are or you wouldn’t be here, you will find Big Cock John to be to your liking. The site is akin to a shrine about all things having to do with big cocks. There are tips on getting a bigger cock and tips on how to handle one. The site is loaded with pictures of some very hot guys showing off their heavenly wonders.

Make sure you bookmark the site and don’t be shy. The owner is very active with his readers. You can give props for things you enjoy and he will often add more!

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Do you like your men tall dark and handsome? If so you are going to love the gay porn reviews. We are talking wall to wall tall, dark and handsome men. The site has every hot hunk in gay porn and they have them broken down by model name so you can quickly find your favorite hunky man.

The site is also a great resource for finding sites you don’t already know about and keeping up to date with information on sites you do know about. Curious men will really enjoy the links section. Lots of hot action. You will know if you are just curious or definitely gay after watching a few of the movie clips.

Do yourself a favor and jump into the Muscle Pit. These boys are ready to give you a nice big bear hug and a big fat cock!

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I have to say there is one thing I have never done and that is pissing on somebody or get pissed on by somebody. I have had my fair share of getting pissed off at somebody and pissing off others, but never an actual piss-job.

Watching this gay porn video from made my dick harder than usual. I actually opened my mouth to catch this dudes piss? Am I more of a freak than I thought I was?

This site is a great resource when you are looking for strange fetishes in the gay genre. There are tens of thousands of hunk gay videos and even more when you add in the other niches.

By using the category, most popular, channels, models and other navigation links you can quickly drill down to the videos that most match your tastes. You will have a hard time believing this site is total legal and completely free. Particularly when you take into account the fact that the average video here is pretty long. Most have the entire scene!

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