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The straight guys have a site called Dare Dorm where they get girls to do some pretty crazy shit. It is all in good fun and, get this, the site pays the participants 10K to send in their videos!

Well, now the gay community has our own version called Dick Dorm and as you can see above, it is outrageously sweet!

Dick Dorm challenges straight guys to prove they aren’t prudes by having 1st time gay sex. You’d be amazed at just how far a college guy will go to prove he ain’t no prude. Haha!

The two blokes above start out pretty timid and then work their way into getting comfortable. Then just before it is time to blow the guy on the left realizes he is about to blow his cock juice into another guys mouth. He wonders out load if this is going to make him gay or not and then decides to let it go!

Don’t join another gay site until you give Dick Dorm a try. It is out of this world!

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