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For the longest time I was afraid of coming out with my sexual tendencies towards other guys. I was really careful about guys I had sex with so that I could keep my sexual orientation a secret. I even went as far as to keep up appearances by dating girls so that nobody would no I was a homosexual. I am sure some of you out there did the same thing too.

But then I met this girl I really enjoyed more than the others. Mainly because she liked guy things. Sports, snowboarding, surfing, watching sporting games on TV, NASCAR, science, Archer, Southpark, I could go on forever. She was like a dude with a vagina.

Once while we were at the beach she noticed I was checking out a guy and she asked me if I thought he was cute. I tried to play it off, but she stopped me and told me that having those kinds of thoughts is normal. Suppressing them is the odd thing in that situation. She went on to ask what was hot about him. I was getting hard and uncomfortable. Eventually she dropped it and I thought it was over and done with.

Later on in the night she asked me if I wanted to watch some porn. Oh yeah, she did that too. Fucking awesome right? During the porno a girl was sucking two guys cocks. Then the guys started kissing. By then my GF was already working my cock for me. She noticed how hard it got when the guys began kissing. Then she started blowing me and as I watched one of the guys switched spots with the girl. I was watching a guy get his cock blown by another guy while this girl was sucking my dick. I knew she had seen this movie before and that she was trying to see if I was associating what I saw on the screen with what was going on off screen.

My cock was telling her everything. It was rock hard. Super hard. Painfully hard! My balls were tight. I was ready to cum in her mouth after about a minute of her blowing me. Usually I would be able to hold off and enjoy it for five to ten minutes or more. Not this time. This time I was uncontrollably going to explode!

I came in her mouth for longer than she was blowing me! I swear my cum would not stop shooting out. During my orgasm the guy on screen had his. As I came to I saw the blower coming up to kiss the guy who was blown. I could tell his mouth was full of his lovers cum. When they kissed my girlfriend was suddenly in front of me with my cum dribbling down her chin. I kissed her and sure enough she had saved it for me!

After that we started taking guys from the beach home with us. After a while she knew the writing was on the wall. I left her and began dating guys full-time. Every now and then I still give her a show by inviting her to have a threesome with a hot guy I meet, but only because she helped me overcome my issues with hiding my true identity.

Find your own identity at and enjoy the pictures of cute gay guys. I know I am!

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hot athletic gay boys having sexy fun

I can still remember the first time I had sex with another guy like it was yesterday. We were both on the track team in school and I noticed something odd one day when I was chasing him during a relay race. I was checking out his ass and his muscular legs and I was thinking I wouldn’t mind tapping that. OMG! What was I thinking?

Several nights later we both went to a party and came home empty handed. We were casually chatting about stuff like how much blowjobs were better than fucking and how anal was better than vaginal. We also chatting a bit about having struck out when he quipped, "You know… we don’t have to strikeout tonight. We could blow each other!"

At first I was like, I dunno, but then my cock started getting hard. I said fuck it and the next thing you know I was receiving the best blow job EVER!

While I am old and not in the same shape I was back then I still fantasize about those coed days. Looking at the free gay pictures on is a real treat. Each day the site is updated with big cocks, tight asses and hot boys that remind me of my first gay sexual experience. Still to this day I dream about him!

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While I was growing up I had a hard time understanding the weird feelings I had for some of my guy friends. With some of them I felt the same magnetic attraction as I did for the girls I was dating. One girl noticed this and decided to do something about it. She was acutely aware that my friend was also strangely attracted to me. So she suggested we play strip poker one night while drunk and stoned. One thing led to another once the clothes came off and pretty soon she had us going sixty-nine sucking each others cocks.

I learned something on that night. I am bisexual and guys know how to suck cock so much better than girls do. Even the best porn star cannot suck your dick anywhere near as good as a guy can.

Eventually I got married to a straight laced woman who didn’t like me having sex with other dudes. Whatever. I still get my cock sucked once in a while from one of the guys I find at the gym. In between I watch xnxx movies in HD. They have thousands of hardcore bisexual and pure gay videos.

If you are in the same boat as me this site will seem like a breath of fresh air!

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