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If there ever was a favorite activity for me it would be toying with straight men or bi-curious men and edging them over to the gay lifestyle. Even if only for a night. My favorite place to pick up bi-curious men is called ZOIG.COM. It is my favorite for many reasons which I will detail later, but the first and foremost reason is that ZOIG is free!

ZOIG was created twenty years ago by some swingers looking for other swingers. Slowly it grew over the course of a decade. Eventually it began to double in size year to year as more and more open minded individuals found it or shared it with their friends. Now ZOIG is the premier place for finding hookup sex outside of a traditional dating site.

With ZOIG you can private message other users. PM’s can include photos if you are a subscribing supporter of the swinger portal. This makes sexting with other members quite fun!

The forums at ZOIG have lots of subjects and quite a large number of active users. You can go to the "Ask men anything" forum and see how many of them are potential bedmates or read answers to the hundreds of questions asked over the years. Some of my favorites relate to the first masturbation experience and/or gay experiences.

Of course if you are just interested in the candid selfies of boners you can get those there for free as well. To watch videos you will have to join for free. With a free account you can have a lot of fun with straight men!

Make them squirm!

Blogged Under: Bi-Sexual,Straight Gay

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