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Right now. This very moment. You can be the guy watching two gay hunks having sex. Or, you can be the stud having his cock sucked by another man. Somebody that knows exactly how to suck a cock real good. Or, you could be sucking that big cock. Tasting his sperm as it spurts into your mouth and runs down your throat.

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I have to wonder if the increase in tensions between the conservative right and the gay community have something to do with Republican Senators getting caught with their pants down with a male senate page’s lips wrapped around their cocks!

You really cannot blame the Senators for wanting to try out the gay lifestyle. Have you ever seen their wives? They are like walking sandwich boards that say pretentious and prude on either side. When they watch gay tube videos the Senators are bound to stray a little. Besides, it is fun.

You don’t have to be a United States Senator to enjoy gay porn sites. You can do so right in your own home. It is one of the freedoms our brave troops are out there fighting for. Especially the gay ones!

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