I have been toying with the idea of opening up my own Gay Porn Blog for a long time. I mentioned my idea to two of my best friends, Mikey and Power Man, who decided to help! I sincerely hope you enjoy our reviews. Leave a comment and tell us how we are doing! --Jake

Avoid Raw Deals With This Gay Webcam Discount!

gay webcams

Nobody likes a raw deal. So stop getting taken by free webcam sites and join a service that will give you a free show just for joining up for free!

PornDeals.com is offering the best deals in porn right now. Think of them as a FatWallet for porn. You don’t have to join any clubs or change anything about the way you buy porn. You just have to surf to the site you want to join through their link on their page. Just like FatWallet. Then you are able to enjoy the same great tasting porn without putting a big dent into your wallet!

Currently the site is focusing on straight porn deals, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying this gay webcam discount. While the promo is going to show a girl spreading her pink, the link will take you to the same site filled with the gay guys above. And get this: the deal just got even sweeter. Since the promo was created Webcams.com has reduced the cost of joining to zero!

Now that is a deal you can sink your cock into!

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Adult Toys Gift Ideas For Any Occasion


Your significant other will love this premium prostate exercising tool. It is ideal for prostate stimulation and anal massage. The Silicone Wavy Prostate Exerciser is simple to use and provides maximum stimulation as it tackles the prostate from inside the rectum and by massaging the perineum at the same time. It is also an excellent tool for those times when you want to offer your lover maximum pleasure by sucking on his cock while you use the tool. Orgasms are very explosive!

This prostate exercise tool is a prime of example of the hot sex toys you will find on BoiBox.net for $20 and under. Their online store is populated with the biggest sellers and lots of hot novelty sex toys you might have missed elsewhere.

Reinvigorate your sex life with interesting adult toys gift ideas from BoiBox. With hundreds of items $20 and under it can be a very inexpensive way to keep the fire burning. Plus you might find out a thing or two about each other you didn’t already know. And some of it may be down right kinky!

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Find Your Next Boyfriend Online At Shagaholic

find your next boyfriend online at Shagaholic

For some reason there is this misperception that adult dating has to be harder because you are gay. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are just as many gay men in sites like Shagaholic as there are straight men. Well, sort of…

From time to time I like to do polls on my blogs. I have hundreds of them and many of them are straight blogs. Well, at least I thought they were straight blogs. As it turns out a typical big cock sex blog with a primary focus on males with big cocks fucking porn stars ends up having only 38% straight males. The rest of the males are 30% bisexual and 20% gay. That means my big cock blogs have more guys willing to suck cock than they do guys only interested in straight sex!

I would imagine the same kinds of numbers are true for just about any adult site out there including dating sites. Sure there might be some deviation since my blog was mostly being searched for by the term "big cock", but you can see how this could still be true elsewhere.

Jump start your adult dating sex life with a free profile on Shagaholic today!

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Make Yourself Rich With Gay Dating


Being gay you know that life can sometimes be a bit too busy to allow for dating the normal way. There simply isn’t enough time in the day to keep trying out different guys looking for Mr. Right. Things would be so much easier if you and your friends could find quality guys online. It is possible to do so and you can make a lot of money helping to facilitate it.

The gay dating programs on DatingAffiliate.com will get you started. Join for free and use their marketing promos to draw guys in and create free accounts. You get $2 to $7 for every guy you can bring in. Or you could try revenue sharing so that as guys spend money on premium services you get a cut of every transaction.

Another big benefit for you is that you can become a dating expert yourself and you learn to find untapped areas of the web filled with gay men looking for an easier way to score with other guys. Once you have a good amount of signups going revshare can make your rich without you haven’t to continue to work so hard. It is a truly passive income stream!

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Check Out All Of The Amateur Boners On ZOIG!

big gay cocks

If there ever was a favorite activity for me it would be toying with straight men or bi-curious men and edging them over to the gay lifestyle. Even if only for a night. My favorite place to pick up bi-curious men is called ZOIG.COM. It is my favorite for many reasons which I will detail later, but the first and foremost reason is that ZOIG is free!

ZOIG was created twenty years ago by some swingers looking for other swingers. Slowly it grew over the course of a decade. Eventually it began to double in size year to year as more and more open minded individuals found it or shared it with their friends. Now ZOIG is the premier place for finding hookup sex outside of a traditional dating site.

With ZOIG you can private message other users. PM’s can include photos if you are a subscribing supporter of the swinger portal. This makes sexting with other members quite fun!

The forums at ZOIG have lots of subjects and quite a large number of active users. You can go to the "Ask men anything" forum and see how many of them are potential bedmates or read answers to the hundreds of questions asked over the years. Some of my favorites relate to the first masturbation experience and/or gay experiences.

Of course if you are just interested in the candid selfies of boners you can get those there for free as well. To watch videos you will have to join for free. With a free account you can have a lot of fun with straight men!

Make them squirm!

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Dating Gold Tools For Making Money

dating gold tube tools will make you money

When I tell you that you can make money online with gay dating you probably think it would be too hard to do. I know a lot of gay friends with huge followings on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and more. The thought of putting some gay dating or some gay webcam ads on their feeds never crossed their minds. Many of them are now thanking me for allowing them to turn a hobby into a career that pays enough that they could tell their boss to shove it.

Today I am going to tell you about one such friend named Michael. He created a Twitter feed where he open lives his life to the fullest. It is quite popular. He has over 50,000 followers. On my suggestion he created a Tumblr account with his pictures from his exploits and a Facebook page with links to the things that are important to him. Then he placed some custom made banners on the pages…

Now Michael is making $700 to $1000 a day. This isn’t some, hey, my cousin makes $4756 a week on the internet, give me some money to find out how. I just told you how. Plus joining the dating programs, webcam programs and everything else on DatingGold.com is free. There are no catches or gimmicks.

Give it a try!

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She Forces Her Little Brother To Have Gay Sex

Sister forces her little brother to suck her boyfriend off on cam!

When I was growing up I had a sister like this. She caught me masturbating with her panties on and to get back at me she made me do all sorts of things meant to embarrass me. Usually she would make me wear her panties at the store, or other public places, while she dropped hints that I was a sissy boy or a panty boy to others as they walked by. One might she did the ultimate. She made me have sex with one of my friends that she caught masturbating.

This cam slut is just like my sister was. Relentless in her pursuit to get her little brother to do things he wouldn’t normally do. She made him stroke her boyfriend off and then she forced him to suck his cock until he blew white hot cum into his mouth.

Find free gay cams on LiveJasmineSexy.com!

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This Is How It All Starts


Are you wondering how it all starts for guys that are born straight, but curious about the gay thoughts rattling around in their heads? Well, they go to college, get drunk on a hot night and end up doing body shots on each other. Sound more like a gay porn flick? Well, sometimes art imitates life and this is one of those times.

Everybody talks about how girls get curious about their own bisexual thoughts like it is mainstream, but guys doing the same thing is still hush-hush. How many movies or TV shows have to address this issue before people realize that it is normal?

While watching House of Cards on Netflix last night the main character Frank Underwood goes back to his old alma mater where he and some old friends get mischievous. While in an old part of the school he and another chap reminisce about their old sexual promiscuities. How many guys have had this same discussion with an old friend, but are afraid to say it outside of the closet?

Both the NFL and the NBA are debuting the first openly gay players in the history of major league sports. Perhaps this will help bring about some discussions that are long overdue. Until then Allan Henning is going to continue to keep quiet about what the rest of us already know.

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Buy Hot Apparel And Sex Toys Online With Ease

Buy Hot Apparel And Sex Toys Online With Ease

Finding hot apparel items for the man in your life doesn’t have to be hard. It is actually quite easy if you know where to look. SexToysOnline.net has a wide assortment of toys and apparel items guaranteed to heat up your sex life.

Along with being super easy the toys at Sex Toys Online are super cheap. There are hundreds of gifts you can get for under $10. Their selection of adult toys under $25 is generous as well. The hard part won’t be paying for an item. It will be finding that one special item you wish to share.

The checkout process is streamlined and allows you to use their secure checkout engine or PayPal, the safer, easier way to pay. If you have questions there is live help available to assist you with your order.

SexToysOnline.net has been selling toys to consenting adults over the web for almost twenty years now. While the Internet was born twice that time ago, the modern Internet didn’t get here until 1996. You will be amazed at the selection and the shipping speed this company possesses.

When you are looking for something to put your relationship over the top and want to buy sex toys online make sure you use the oldest online sex toy company!

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Raunchy Fist Fucking Gay Porn Videos

Honestly the thought never occurred to me and I have been working in the porn industry for quite some time. Fist fucking a man in the ass. I am bisexual and I have fist fucked chicks before, but never a man. I shall have to try this one out soon!

Watch this free gay fisting video for some techniques on how to get your hand all the way up another man’s ass without tearing him to pieces. There is no use in ruining what would have been a spectacular night with a visit to the emergency room. My own tip: gape his ass with your fat cock first!

Click on this porn tube link for more videos!

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Naught School Teacher Takes Full Advantage Of His Authoritive Position With A Twink

the hottest gay porn

This video is super fucking hot. It is hot in two ways. When I was in school I used to have a crush on several of my teachers. I wanted to have sex with them. Unlike all  of the other boys in my classes my crushes were on the male teachers.

Now that I am an older man I dream of using my authoritive  position to take advantage of the young boys under me. Whether or not I will actually act on my obsession for twink gay boys is still up in the air. What has landed though is my ability to watch hundreds of gay videos for free.

You can do it too. The XNXX tube network just added another site to their already awesome collection of links. it is called PlainTube.com and it gathers all of the hottest gay porn from all of their sites into one big collection of links.

Stop getting screwed by costly sites and get the boy-milk for free!

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Find A Hot Guy In Your Area

Hot guys are closer than you think

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go online to find hot guys without all of the hassles of traditional methods? Of course it would. This is especially so if you are a bi-curious guy that would like to keep his alternate sex life on the down low. With Out Personals you can find that hot guy you have been dreaming about without everybody else finding out about it.

Finally you can date on your own terms. By this I mean you can put out a profile that really speaks to who you are as a person. Profiles on Out Personals can be as detailed or as brief as you want to make them. Personally I keep most of my personal identifying information to myself and only let other guys know who I am on the inside.

OutPersonals.com is also great for guys that travel a lot for work. Now you can find other like minded men for hookups without having previously set foot in a city. You become your own personal assistant with the backing of an entire company that guarantees satisfaction or your money back.

Find gay guys online at OutPersonals.com!

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Find Local Guys In The Sex Personals Online

sex personals gay dating amateur match

I am not that much of an outgoing kind of guy. Most of my friends would say that I am a fly on the wall. Sure, I can get boisterous when I am inebriated, but I don’t like to get drunk on a regular basis just so I can be more outgoing. Luckily the Internet has come along for guys like me. It is kind of a life changing technology.

Now when I want to find somebody to hookup with that is like me I check the sex personals on Amateur Match. There I can scope out cute guys that aren’t outgoing either. I am kind of campy when it comes to dating so I like to stay home and watch movies. Sometimes I like to cook for my man.

You don’t have to be a rock hard stud to find love or sex with Amateur Match. They have lots of guys of all kinds from sizes and shapes to races and personalities. When I am feeling a bit of cave fever I find a hunky guy to take me out and show me things I don’t normally see. Sometimes I find a nerdy guy and we go to the museum or some other place where we can lose ourselves for a while.

If you have been striking out in the past I think you should give sex personals on AmateurMatch.com a try. You just might find the love of your life or somebody you can spend an evening with.

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Find The Perfect Cam Sex Partner On Camboys 24/7

Find The Perfect Cam Sex Partner On Camboys 24/7

I have a buddy that recently informed me that he thinks he is bisexual. He knows I am gay so I guess he figured he could confide in me about thinks his hunting buddies would probably shoot him over. One of his biggest issues is that he has homosexual urges at times when he can’t act on them in person with someone, plus, he doesn’t know where to find guys in person.

I told him to use Camboys 247 for all of his "urges" no matter what time, day or night. The site is populated with guys of all ages and all shapes and sizes. The nice thing is my buddy can reach the site on his cell phone or laptop while on a business trip so his wife doesn’t find out.

If you are having "urges" and you need to find a place to exercise them that can be your own little secret I suggest CamBoys247.net. It is free to join and there is are so many good reasons to keep going back often!

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Chat Live On Free XXX Gay Cams With SexyLatinBoy

Chat Live On Free XXX Gay Cams With SexyLatinBoy

It is Monday and boy what a shitty day it is. But it doesn’t have to be. Spice up your Monday with some gay chat with SexyLatinBoy. He would be more than happy to make this the best Monday you have had in a good long time!

The free gay cams on FreeGayLive.com are always on and always ready to please. You can access the site from smart phones, tablets and other Internet ready devices like the iPod. Indulge your inner gayness with a hot chat in kinky places. My hunting buddies don’t know I swing both ways and I have had lots of fun having gay chats in my tent knowing they would be pretty upset if they knew what I was doing in there.

I don’t know why, but the prospect of getting caught makes my orgasms so much stronger!

Find a tall, dark and handsome gay sex partner on Free Gay Live!

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