I have been toying with the idea of opening up my own Gay Porn Blog for a long time. I mentioned my idea to two of my best friends, Mikey and Power Man, who decided to help! I sincerely hope you enjoy our reviews. Leave a comment and tell us how we are doing! --Jake

Gay coaching video; learning from the best

We all have to learn about sex from somebody and who better for the job than your youth soccer coach? Sure he isn’t in his prime as far as running a mile goes, but he sure can ram his hard cock up your tight teenage ass. My own coach used to give me and my bi-curious tickets to local sporting events as payment for something we would have done for free just because it all felt exciting.

GirlsAvenue.com is normally known for the… girls! Not anymore. Their gay porn video sections have been expanding at a fast clip. Current categories include bondage fun, twinks, athletes, fetish sex, group sex, office porn, spanking and more. As you can see they are taking the gay niche seriously!

Forget the stats and just watch the videos to understand this shift and to see what all they have available.

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Excellent Resource For Male Escorts In New Zealand


Each year I like to attend a webmaster convention in Australia that covers mainstream adult topics. While there I enjoy shuffling over to New Zealand for some rest and relaxation. For a good deal of my time there I like to be alone, but for some of it I want the company of a hot male escort.

I am not talking about somebody you pay to come to your room and give you a one hour "full body" massage. I am talking about a companion who can keep up in conversation. Somebody who knows the area. An escort who will make my nights more enjoyable and leave me plumb tuckered out on my long plane ride home.

To achieve that level of comfort I use AdultLink.co.nz to quickly locate and communicate with available male escorts. There are dozens of independent escorts with competitive rates who will go over and above the level of service an agency will provide.

Because AdultLink is so easy to use I find that the entire process from finding an elite male escort in New Zealand to enjoying my date feels smooth and effortless. Use this link to visit website and make sure to bookmark it as well!

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Jerkoff Live With LiveX-Cams Gay Chat Partners

hung like a tree

Are you ready for the real deal? This bro is hung like a tree. His fat cock has a trunk size comparable to a solid oak. So is his hardness factor. You can find many more guys like him on LiveX-Cams. Each and every one of them fills a particular niche making this site the only place you need to be.

LiveX cams is known for providing high quality live streaming gay sex. They have been the number one provider of gay sex cams for many years. Those who are just curious can find plenty of guys who would love to pop your cherry and show you a good time. If you are into hardcore gay sex there is plenty of that to be had there as well.

Signup for free and watch cams from your mobile phone, tablet computers and personal computers. Streams automatically adjust to work with your device and broadband speed. Always use caution when viewing at work, in the car or on a carriers network. These streams are raw, addicting and consume a lot of bandwidth.

Real gay cams on Livex-cams.com are all you need to have a rip-roaring good time!

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Find That Special Gay Sugar Baby You Can Mentor


Mentoring between strong willed, powerful men and attractive, malleable young men has been a part of every society from the dawn of time. While some in today’s society are closed minded to the task of mentoring these fine young men, those who are in the know are well aware of just how important a task it can be. Some of today’s best business leaders were at one time somebody’s gay sugar baby.

Even with the battles gay rights groups have won for those who wish to practice the gay lifestyle there is still much to be desired. There are also plenty of men, like you, out there who wish to have a family to keep up appearances. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is why the Big Daddy Gay Facebook site is taking off so well. A good portion of the followers are using anonymous gay accounts to keep their private lives private.

At BigDaddyGay.com you privacy is of the utmost concern. Your information is not shared with third parties. You can create a profile that is as open or as anonymous as you would like. There is no set of rules to have to follow, but there are lots of interesting tools to help you in your quest to find a gay sugar baby.

Professional gay men seeking fun and attractive partners can easily find partners for everything from a quick fling to a long lasting relationship. Make this gay dating site an integral part of your gay dating toolbox. You will soon find it to be an indispensible tool for gay sugar daddy dating.

Big Daddy Gay is ready when you are.

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Gay Fetish Cams With Boy On Boy Sex

gay boy on boy cams

When I was younger I watched a Different Strokes episode – fuck I know you are going to think I am some kind of creep after this – where the boys were asked to take photos like the one above by a neighbor. While my brother and sister thought the photos were wrong I found them to be very sexy. I went to my room to jerk off right away. I must have been in there for about four hours jerking off over and over again while putting things up my ass. My favorite jerk off song was Eddie Murphy’s, Boogie In Your Butt.

My fetishes run all over the place when it comes to gay cams. But my rock is to keep going back to twink black boys. There is something about their dark skin and their long limbs that drives me wild with passion. Watch live fetish webcams on Livex-cams.com for free. Get your account going right now. Why deny yourself of life’s best pleasures?

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Where To Go When Your Wife Wants To Play


For the most part many gay sites always assume guys are married to women that would be horrified if they found out their husband harbored homosexual tendencies. What about the women out there who enjoy the idea of seeing their hubby take a nice messy facial? Where does a guy go to find couples in this predicament? Where do the couples go to find a willing bisexual?

Look no further because gay.iwantu.com is the answer to your problem. Whether you are a couple or a single you won’t have a problem finding willing participants on IwantU.com. They have a database that is loaded with tens of thousands of UK citizens and tourists looking to do something wild tonight.

With women opening their minds up to the idea of watching their husbands have sex with other men this adult dating site has been growing at the rate of thousands of new members per day. There are always new couples joining and taking advantage of the various communication tools and search functions. Take a tour and put your name in the mix. You just might have somebody pick it tonight!

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Trade Nude Selfies With Guys From Amsterdam


You don’t have to settle for less when you are gay. I think that is actually one of the selling points to the homoerotic lifestyle. You will always be able to enjoy the finest in life. The best online sex cams for gay men has to be on welkom op homochat24.nl where you can find guys to chat with or date offline. Straight guys have the red light district in Amsterdam. We have this awesome resource for finding and engaging in gay sex in the Netherlands!

Create your free account and then enjoy cams, dating, sex stories, videos and all kinds of sexcontact.jpg photos. If you end up on the straight site somehow just hit the gay button. It really is that easy to be gay. They have an internet button for it now!

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A Heat Wave Is Sweeping The Nation With Gay Pics

just two hot muscled guys wrestling in bed with their boners popping out all over the place

For the longest time I was afraid of coming out with my sexual tendencies towards other guys. I was really careful about guys I had sex with so that I could keep my sexual orientation a secret. I even went as far as to keep up appearances by dating girls so that nobody would no I was a homosexual. I am sure some of you out there did the same thing too.

But then I met this girl I really enjoyed more than the others. Mainly because she liked guy things. Sports, snowboarding, surfing, watching sporting games on TV, NASCAR, science, Archer, Southpark, I could go on forever. She was like a dude with a vagina.

Once while we were at the beach she noticed I was checking out a guy and she asked me if I thought he was cute. I tried to play it off, but she stopped me and told me that having those kinds of thoughts is normal. Suppressing them is the odd thing in that situation. She went on to ask what was hot about him. I was getting hard and uncomfortable. Eventually she dropped it and I thought it was over and done with.

Later on in the night she asked me if I wanted to watch some porn. Oh yeah, she did that too. Fucking awesome right? During the porno a girl was sucking two guys cocks. Then the guys started kissing. By then my GF was already working my cock for me. She noticed how hard it got when the guys began kissing. Then she started blowing me and as I watched one of the guys switched spots with the girl. I was watching a guy get his cock blown by another guy while this girl was sucking my dick. I knew she had seen this movie before and that she was trying to see if I was associating what I saw on the screen with what was going on off screen.

My cock was telling her everything. It was rock hard. Super hard. Painfully hard! My balls were tight. I was ready to cum in her mouth after about a minute of her blowing me. Usually I would be able to hold off and enjoy it for five to ten minutes or more. Not this time. This time I was uncontrollably going to explode!

I came in her mouth for longer than she was blowing me! I swear my cum would not stop shooting out. During my orgasm the guy on screen had his. As I came to I saw the blower coming up to kiss the guy who was blown. I could tell his mouth was full of his lovers cum. When they kissed my girlfriend was suddenly in front of me with my cum dribbling down her chin. I kissed her and sure enough she had saved it for me!

After that we started taking guys from the beach home with us. After a while she knew the writing was on the wall. I left her and began dating guys full-time. Every now and then I still give her a show by inviting her to have a threesome with a hot guy I meet, but only because she helped me overcome my issues with hiding my true identity.

Find your own identity at CuteGayLads.com and enjoy the pictures of cute gay guys. I know I am!

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Get Your Daily Fix Of Gay Pics!

hot athletic gay boys having sexy fun

I can still remember the first time I had sex with another guy like it was yesterday. We were both on the track team in school and I noticed something odd one day when I was chasing him during a relay race. I was checking out his ass and his muscular legs and I was thinking I wouldn’t mind tapping that. OMG! What was I thinking?

Several nights later we both went to a party and came home empty handed. We were casually chatting about stuff like how much blowjobs were better than fucking and how anal was better than vaginal. We also chatting a bit about having struck out when he quipped, "You know… we don’t have to strikeout tonight. We could blow each other!"

At first I was like, I dunno, but then my cock started getting hard. I said fuck it and the next thing you know I was receiving the best blow job EVER!

While I am old and not in the same shape I was back then I still fantasize about those coed days. Looking at the free gay pictures on GayPicsDaily.com is a real treat. Each day the site is updated with big cocks, tight asses and hot boys that remind me of my first gay sexual experience. Still to this day I dream about him!

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Watch Bisexual And Gay Movies In HD For Free!

bisexual xnxx tube video in HD boy playing with his sleeping friends cock

While I was growing up I had a hard time understanding the weird feelings I had for some of my guy friends. With some of them I felt the same magnetic attraction as I did for the girls I was dating. One girl noticed this and decided to do something about it. She was acutely aware that my friend was also strangely attracted to me. So she suggested we play strip poker one night while drunk and stoned. One thing led to another once the clothes came off and pretty soon she had us going sixty-nine sucking each others cocks.

I learned something on that night. I am bisexual and guys know how to suck cock so much better than girls do. Even the best porn star cannot suck your dick anywhere near as good as a guy can.

Eventually I got married to a straight laced woman who didn’t like me having sex with other dudes. Whatever. I still get my cock sucked once in a while from one of the guys I find at the gym. In between I watch xnxx movies in HD. They have thousands of hardcore bisexual and pure gay videos.

If you are in the same boat as me this site will seem like a breath of fresh air!

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Avoid Raw Deals With This Gay Webcam Discount!

gay webcams

Nobody likes a raw deal. So stop getting taken by free webcam sites and join a service that will give you a free show just for joining up for free!

PornDeals.com is offering the best deals in porn right now. Think of them as a FatWallet for porn. You don’t have to join any clubs or change anything about the way you buy porn. You just have to surf to the site you want to join through their link on their page. Just like FatWallet. Then you are able to enjoy the same great tasting porn without putting a big dent into your wallet!

Currently the site is focusing on straight porn deals, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying this gay webcam discount. While the promo is going to show a girl spreading her pink, the link will take you to the same site filled with the gay guys above. And get this: the deal just got even sweeter. Since the promo was created Webcams.com has reduced the cost of joining to zero!

Now that is a deal you can sink your cock into!

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Adult Toys Gift Ideas For Any Occasion


Your significant other will love this premium prostate exercising tool. It is ideal for prostate stimulation and anal massage. The Silicone Wavy Prostate Exerciser is simple to use and provides maximum stimulation as it tackles the prostate from inside the rectum and by massaging the perineum at the same time. It is also an excellent tool for those times when you want to offer your lover maximum pleasure by sucking on his cock while you use the tool. Orgasms are very explosive!

This prostate exercise tool is a prime of example of the hot sex toys you will find on BoiBox.net for $20 and under. Their online store is populated with the biggest sellers and lots of hot novelty sex toys you might have missed elsewhere.

Reinvigorate your sex life with interesting adult toys gift ideas from BoiBox. With hundreds of items $20 and under it can be a very inexpensive way to keep the fire burning. Plus you might find out a thing or two about each other you didn’t already know. And some of it may be down right kinky!

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Find Your Next Boyfriend Online At Shagaholic

find your next boyfriend online at Shagaholic

For some reason there is this misperception that adult dating has to be harder because you are gay. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are just as many gay men in sites like Shagaholic as there are straight men. Well, sort of…

From time to time I like to do polls on my blogs. I have hundreds of them and many of them are straight blogs. Well, at least I thought they were straight blogs. As it turns out a typical big cock sex blog with a primary focus on males with big cocks fucking porn stars ends up having only 38% straight males. The rest of the males are 30% bisexual and 20% gay. That means my big cock blogs have more guys willing to suck cock than they do guys only interested in straight sex!

I would imagine the same kinds of numbers are true for just about any adult site out there including dating sites. Sure there might be some deviation since my blog was mostly being searched for by the term "big cock", but you can see how this could still be true elsewhere.

Jump start your adult dating sex life with a free profile on Shagaholic today!

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Make Yourself Rich With Gay Dating


Being gay you know that life can sometimes be a bit too busy to allow for dating the normal way. There simply isn’t enough time in the day to keep trying out different guys looking for Mr. Right. Things would be so much easier if you and your friends could find quality guys online. It is possible to do so and you can make a lot of money helping to facilitate it.

The gay dating programs on DatingAffiliate.com will get you started. Join for free and use their marketing promos to draw guys in and create free accounts. You get $2 to $7 for every guy you can bring in. Or you could try revenue sharing so that as guys spend money on premium services you get a cut of every transaction.

Another big benefit for you is that you can become a dating expert yourself and you learn to find untapped areas of the web filled with gay men looking for an easier way to score with other guys. Once you have a good amount of signups going revshare can make your rich without you haven’t to continue to work so hard. It is a truly passive income stream!

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Check Out All Of The Amateur Boners On ZOIG!

big gay cocks

If there ever was a favorite activity for me it would be toying with straight men or bi-curious men and edging them over to the gay lifestyle. Even if only for a night. My favorite place to pick up bi-curious men is called ZOIG.COM. It is my favorite for many reasons which I will detail later, but the first and foremost reason is that ZOIG is free!

ZOIG was created twenty years ago by some swingers looking for other swingers. Slowly it grew over the course of a decade. Eventually it began to double in size year to year as more and more open minded individuals found it or shared it with their friends. Now ZOIG is the premier place for finding hookup sex outside of a traditional dating site.

With ZOIG you can private message other users. PM’s can include photos if you are a subscribing supporter of the swinger portal. This makes sexting with other members quite fun!

The forums at ZOIG have lots of subjects and quite a large number of active users. You can go to the "Ask men anything" forum and see how many of them are potential bedmates or read answers to the hundreds of questions asked over the years. Some of my favorites relate to the first masturbation experience and/or gay experiences.

Of course if you are just interested in the candid selfies of boners you can get those there for free as well. To watch videos you will have to join for free. With a free account you can have a lot of fun with straight men!

Make them squirm!

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