I have been toying with the idea of opening up my own Gay Porn Blog for a long time. I mentioned my idea to two of my best friends, Mikey and Power Man, who decided to help! I sincerely hope you enjoy our reviews. Leave a comment and tell us how we are doing! --Jake

Hunky Gay Men Banging Straight Guys Hard


I’ve always wanted to see so called straight men getting seduced by experienced guy men. Now I think I’ve found the perfect site. Str8 To Gay offers up a respectable 344 totally exclusive videos, the scenes are almost as intense as the hardcore ass fucking that follows. Most of the videos come with a matching picture set, good quality digital stills are exactly what you can expect to find here. This site is part of the Men.com network, as such you guys also get access to another 7 hot sites just for joining this quality gay action.

After watching some of the full gay scenes I guess I can understand why normally straight men would be tempted by gay sex. Sometimes things happy by mistake, but whatever the reasons I must admit I did find the content here very hot to watch. I really want you guys to try out this gay site, so much so in fact I am even going to offer you a deal where you can pay just $8.33/mth with this Str8 to Gay discount for 73% off!

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Sean Cody Knows What Gay Men Love


I’ve been attracted to men for many years but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to just come out with it, I’m gay! It was much harder to say at first, I’m sure I am not the only guy that’s happened too. Now that I’ve come out my world has changed for the better, I don’t need to hide it when searching for gay porn, hell I just totally embrace it. Today was going to be a great day for being gay, checking out Sean Cody was going to be such a pleasure. He’s been a gay porn producer for many years now and his site is filled with delicious amateur gay men who love fucking on camera.

His site is getting regular updates, three a week in fact and that’s helped them to grow to a massive 1,988 hot gay porn videos. I really think all gay men should check out his site, just to give you that little extra motivation here is 52% off with a Sean Cody discount link that you can use right away for instant access to his site!.

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Rev Up Your Engines And Get Ready To Par-tay!

Raging Stallion discount

I think I have just died on gone to heaven. No, not because I caught these two plugging each others holes with some stiff cocks, I am talking about something even better. Somehow – possibly by the grace of all that is good in the world – I stumbled upon a huge gay discount porn emporium!

Now I know what you are thinking… everybody has heard of these so-called trial websites with limited passes that don’t allow you to download and rip you a new one with extra charges. That is NOT what I am talking about here!

These guys have actual working discounts on the hottest sites in gay porn. Their Raging Stallion discount saves you $20 instantly. Not only that, you can save even more money with their annual pass. It works out to be just $8.33 per month.

You are not limited in any way by using these gay porn deals either. So queue up some space on your hard drive and get ready to taste a bit of gay heaven!

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A Huge Collection Of Solid Reviews On Hardcore Gay Porn

gay porn sites

Just what you needed with the weekend coming up: a huge collection of solid porn reviews about hardcore gay porn sites. Porn-World.biz is a growing powerhouse in the porn review market because they are doing something nobody else seems to know how to do – write solid, unbiased, uncompromising reviews about the gay porn sites other sites have forgotten.

Now, this would all be understandable if the sites were forgotten because they didn’t hit a high enough standard. But that is not the case here. The sites that Porn World promotes are the sites that are true to their niche and not run by some big porn company who’s only love is a love of money.

Find real gay sites built by fans of gay porn like yourself!

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Terabytes of Free Gay Porn Streams


"Dale, would you get rid of that shit eating grin of yours?"

"On second though, Dale, put that shit eating grin making to good use!"

Watching gay porn when you are pretending to be straight is problematic. You don’t want some strange charge on your credit cards alerting your wife to your proclivities so you surf gay porn on your cell phone by going to those free tube sites. Watch out because those places have lots of malware that will infect your devices. There is one that doesn’t play games, though, and it is called FreePornz.com.

As a clean free porno tube you can expect to not be blasted with lame installers or popups. They link into all of the best videos from the hottest gay DVD series. Many of the movies are over an hour long. Almost as long as your cock is hard!

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Raw free game cams with Email address signup

finger fucking gay cam

It was only a few short years ago where finding hardcore gay cams that are free was next to impossible. Basically, the only time you could find them is if a couple accidentally left their room in free chat mode when somebody took them private. Now you can find them by the hundreds because that is all they have on Live Jasmine Sexy.

SanttyandPaul do live shows for free with ass fingering, ass licking and lots of strong cock ass fucking!

You don’t need an account to watch. You do need one to talk to the models and you also need one to go full screen with the cam window or open up multiple chat windows at once. Once you use these live gay cams you won’t go back to anything else.

Signup is easy-peasy with just an Email address. You can buy CHEAP tokens to toss the boys a tip and make requests. Or you can lurk in the shadows and enjoy the show as others do the tipping. Totally up to you!

Join for free right now!

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Explore Your Gay Side With GoldenBoy22 CamBoy

Rock hard and ready to tumble - GoldenBoy22

Are you the kind of guy that gets hard for boys with rock hard abs, a rock hard chest and a rock hard cock? If so it is time for you to explore your gay side with GoldenBoy22 from LiveSpicySex.com. The best place to find hot camboys ready for action no matter what time of day or night your desires run wild.

This young stud started doing live sex shows as a way to make some extra cash while he was in school. But then he did the numbers and figured he could retire by the time he was thirty if he ditched his classes and spent more time chatting with fun guys like you.

Live Spicy Sex is free to use and many of the gat chat partners on the site like to converse while wearing just their skivvies or nothing at all. Flirt for free or join and tip a fellow or two for some hardcore sex!

Blow off boredom tonight with some gay live cams!

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Apply For Gay Webcam Jobs For Extra College Cash

gay webcam jobs

While the title of this post is about collecting some much needed college cash through gay webcam jobs that is not meant to mean you cannot work in webcams if you are not of typical college age. Gay cams are for everybody and people of all sizes, shapes, nationalities and ages are making good money doing it. Some do it for side job money and others fully support themselves by performing on gay webcams.

One of the most often asked questions about doing gay cams is whether or not it makes you gay. The truth is there are plenty of straight and bisexual men who do gay chat sex as a way to supplement their income. It doesn’t mean you are gay. It just means you have an open mind. Or it could mean you are just a fun loving guy and that is what gay cams are all about: FUN!

Turn in your application online for gay webcam jobs now!

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Watch Gay Studs Jerk Live On Cam or Watch Videos

gay webcam videos

Options are fucking awesome. They are why I am still married to my wife of twenty years. She knows I am not going to leave her for some gay guy, but she also knows I like variety and I am safe about it. I watch lots of porn and I watch both straight and gay porn equally. I only wish straight porn would take some notes from Free Webcams Gay!

What makes this site so awesome is that it has lots of options free members can take advantage of and options for paying members that rock too. As a free member you can chat with amateur gay men all over the world. They also have the hottest gay pornstars from time to time.

The main reason I am a free member of this site is the ability to watch previous shows from the amateurs and bonus gay porn star videos they upload for their fans. You can view gay porn videos on mobile phones and many other kinds of devices. My web-TV plays them with no problem. It also allows me to watch the cams in my living room as well.

Don’t put up with sites that require you to give them a credit card in order to get a free account. On Free Webcams Gay you can watch live gay cams with a valid Email address and no credit card needed!

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Gay coaching video; learning from the best

We all have to learn about sex from somebody and who better for the job than your youth soccer coach? Sure he isn’t in his prime as far as running a mile goes, but he sure can ram his hard cock up your tight teenage ass. My own coach used to give me and my bi-curious tickets to local sporting events as payment for something we would have done for free just because it all felt exciting.

GirlsAvenue.com is normally known for the… girls! Not anymore. Their gay porn video sections have been expanding at a fast clip. Current categories include bondage fun, twinks, athletes, fetish sex, group sex, office porn, spanking and more. As you can see they are taking the gay niche seriously!

Forget the stats and just watch the videos to understand this shift and to see what all they have available.

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Excellent Resource For Male Escorts In New Zealand


Each year I like to attend a webmaster convention in Australia that covers mainstream adult topics. While there I enjoy shuffling over to New Zealand for some rest and relaxation. For a good deal of my time there I like to be alone, but for some of it I want the company of a hot male escort.

I am not talking about somebody you pay to come to your room and give you a one hour "full body" massage. I am talking about a companion who can keep up in conversation. Somebody who knows the area. An escort who will make my nights more enjoyable and leave me plumb tuckered out on my long plane ride home.

To achieve that level of comfort I use AdultLink.co.nz to quickly locate and communicate with available male escorts. There are dozens of independent escorts with competitive rates who will go over and above the level of service an agency will provide.

Because AdultLink is so easy to use I find that the entire process from finding an elite male escort in New Zealand to enjoying my date feels smooth and effortless. Use this link to visit website and make sure to bookmark it as well!

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Jerkoff Live With LiveX-Cams Gay Chat Partners

hung like a tree

Are you ready for the real deal? This bro is hung like a tree. His fat cock has a trunk size comparable to a solid oak. So is his hardness factor. You can find many more guys like him on LiveX-Cams. Each and every one of them fills a particular niche making this site the only place you need to be.

LiveX cams is known for providing high quality live streaming gay sex. They have been the number one provider of gay sex cams for many years. Those who are just curious can find plenty of guys who would love to pop your cherry and show you a good time. If you are into hardcore gay sex there is plenty of that to be had there as well.

Signup for free and watch cams from your mobile phone, tablet computers and personal computers. Streams automatically adjust to work with your device and broadband speed. Always use caution when viewing at work, in the car or on a carriers network. These streams are raw, addicting and consume a lot of bandwidth.

Real gay cams on Livex-cams.com are all you need to have a rip-roaring good time!

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Find That Special Gay Sugar Baby You Can Mentor


Mentoring between strong willed, powerful men and attractive, malleable young men has been a part of every society from the dawn of time. While some in today’s society are closed minded to the task of mentoring these fine young men, those who are in the know are well aware of just how important a task it can be. Some of today’s best business leaders were at one time somebody’s gay sugar baby.

Even with the battles gay rights groups have won for those who wish to practice the gay lifestyle there is still much to be desired. There are also plenty of men, like you, out there who wish to have a family to keep up appearances. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is why the Big Daddy Gay Facebook site is taking off so well. A good portion of the followers are using anonymous gay accounts to keep their private lives private.

At BigDaddyGay.com you privacy is of the utmost concern. Your information is not shared with third parties. You can create a profile that is as open or as anonymous as you would like. There is no set of rules to have to follow, but there are lots of interesting tools to help you in your quest to find a gay sugar baby.

Professional gay men seeking fun and attractive partners can easily find partners for everything from a quick fling to a long lasting relationship. Make this gay dating site an integral part of your gay dating toolbox. You will soon find it to be an indispensible tool for gay sugar daddy dating.

Big Daddy Gay is ready when you are.

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Gay Fetish Cams With Boy On Boy Sex

gay boy on boy cams

When I was younger I watched a Different Strokes episode – fuck I know you are going to think I am some kind of creep after this – where the boys were asked to take photos like the one above by a neighbor. While my brother and sister thought the photos were wrong I found them to be very sexy. I went to my room to jerk off right away. I must have been in there for about four hours jerking off over and over again while putting things up my ass. My favorite jerk off song was Eddie Murphy’s, Boogie In Your Butt.

My fetishes run all over the place when it comes to gay cams. But my rock is to keep going back to twink black boys. There is something about their dark skin and their long limbs that drives me wild with passion. Watch live fetish webcams on Livex-cams.com for free. Get your account going right now. Why deny yourself of life’s best pleasures?

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Where To Go When Your Wife Wants To Play


For the most part many gay sites always assume guys are married to women that would be horrified if they found out their husband harbored homosexual tendencies. What about the women out there who enjoy the idea of seeing their hubby take a nice messy facial? Where does a guy go to find couples in this predicament? Where do the couples go to find a willing bisexual?

Look no further because gay.iwantu.com is the answer to your problem. Whether you are a couple or a single you won’t have a problem finding willing participants on IwantU.com. They have a database that is loaded with tens of thousands of UK citizens and tourists looking to do something wild tonight.

With women opening their minds up to the idea of watching their husbands have sex with other men this adult dating site has been growing at the rate of thousands of new members per day. There are always new couples joining and taking advantage of the various communication tools and search functions. Take a tour and put your name in the mix. You just might have somebody pick it tonight!

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