I have been toying with the idea of opening up my own Gay Porn Blog for a long time. I mentioned my idea to two of my best friends, Mikey and Power Man, who decided to help! I sincerely hope you enjoy our reviews. Leave a comment and tell us how we are doing! --Jake

Hot Men to Melt Your Cock

It’s official you guys. I am going to Hell. Last night, I was reading all the latest news on the terrible California fires. The entire town of Paradise is gone. Smoke and ash is everywhere. Even celebrities are fleeing their homes and asking for help with their horses. People are missing. It is complete devastation and it is awful.

Then I started thinking about the brave fire fighters out there and what heroes they are. Then I started to get hard. Yep. During all of that awful news, my fireman fantasies started stirring. I felt terrible about myself, but I also felt the need to cum.

I opened a new tab and headed straight over to Falcon Studios. I found a video that looked good and I fapped until I could fap no more. I put out the fire burning in my loins with a massive spray of cum. They really do have some of the hottest gay talent on the planet. You can save $20 now with a Falcon Studios discount.

After cleaning up, I made a donation to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation to help with hydration backpacks for all of the brave men and women out there battling the flames.

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My Wife Can’t Find Out I Love Cock Too

I’ve been happily married for many years. My wife is absolutely amazing and I love her very much. Not long ago I was looking at porn and while I was surfing I came across this site. I was going to keep scrolling but my cock started to tingle. I decided to watch just one video and I couldn’t believe it. I had a full blown erection almost immediately. These guys were studs. I hadn’t ever been attracted to a man before so it was unfamiliar to me, but there wasn’t any denying the attraction.

I still don’t consider myself to be gay, but the guys at this site have complete control over my cock. When I found out I could knock 50% off with this discount to Men.com I had no choice but to sign up. Honestly it’s worth every penny. I just have to make sure my wife never finds out I like cock as much as she does. It’s my little secret for now.

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No Fat Gays Allowed!

I used to play high school football, not because I liked football so much, but because I thought all those guys were fucking hot. As a gay athlete, I was able to hang out with other studs who kept their bodies in peak physical condition. Those grunts they made while working out made me almost cum in my gym shorts.

When I watch gay porn I still want to see attractive, physically fit men. When I’m working out my “third arm” I want to watch some bulging biceps, six packs, and rock hard glutes on my screen. Call me shallow, but if I’m going in deep I want that ass to be in pristine condition.

That’s why I am a member of Colt Studio Group, one of the most trusted names in gay porn. All the guys are gorgeous! I also get my pick of genre like solo, rimming, threesomes, toys, bondage, you name it!

Instead of babbling about it, go grab this COLT Studio Group discount for 45% off and see for yourself!

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Bottoms Love Big Gay Tops

I love watching bottom-guys getting rammed by their big manly tops. I want to see those holes get raw like they should be. So, imagine how excited I was to find this site called Drill My Hole. And I was not disappointed, because the content lived up to the name!

Right now they are offering great deals, both monthly and yearly. But what truly made this a match made in manly heaven was that is also included a membership to the MEN.com Network. If you didn’t know, MEN is an award-winning collection of the best gay porn sites on the web. And you get their 10 sexy themed sites in this huge “package” deal. I have a rock hard cock just typing about it.

With the added network content, you get over 8,500 high-quality videos to drool over. I shouldn’t have to tell you that’s enough drilling to find gay gold.

If you’re ready for the best gay porn deal you’re ever going to find, click this link for the Drill My Hole discount for 73% in savings. What are you waiting for?

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The Best of BDSM With KinkMEN.com

If you’re into kinky stuff with ropes and leather and bondage devices, then let me tell you that there isn’t any other place like KinkMEN.com. These guys are simply the best when it comes to this stuff. Their big-budget productions outdo the rest; these are the true pros of the niche, and you’ll understand that immediately the second you take a look inside. Visually and aesthetically, these videos are just spectacular.

The network will put 6 sites at your disposal, some of which are Naked Kombat, Bound In Public, and 30 Minutes Of Torment. I’m obviously talking about exclusive content, which you’ll be able to stream or download unlimitedly! Want in on this kinky action? Here, save 51% right now on Kink Men with this discount link and enjoy all of the benefits for a lower price!

If you’re also interested in other kinds of gay porn, check out these gay porn discounts and see if you find something you like. I’m sure you will. There are many cool sites offering bears, twinks, hunks, jocks, and plenty of bareback sex.

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The Look of Manly Men

It’s no secret that us men often wake up with a raging boner, that’s a pretty common occurrence. I however as often wake up actually being horny and I wonder if that is the case for as many guys too or is there a distinction between the two.

Either way, this morning first on my agenda was Falcon Studios, yet another gay site – one of the better ones on the net, I have to add. They’ve been around for quite some time and are well established but their success I believe lies in the quality of their models and content.

It seems however like every day there are more and more gay sites and I’m really curios what the ratio is these days between heterosexual and gay porn sites as I have a feeling they might be close to on par.

Anyways, why don’t you have a look at this Falcon Studios discount with 73% in savings on a yearly membership, which cuts it down to a measly $8.33 per month. There is a month to month deal as well should you prefer the short game.

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Genuine male escorts in Norwich are ready to meet

I really hate to kiss and tell, but after the night that I just had I can’t help but to spill the beans. It all started out innocently enough, a friend of mine had been suggesting for a while now that I try my luck with a male escort norwich and I finally decided to listen to them. It was one of the best nights of my life and it wasn’t because anything "naughty happened", quite the opposite in fact.

My guy was dreamy to look at and a total gentlemen as well. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble for him and he had a smile on him that would light up an entire room. I also liked the fact that he was well educated and also seemed to really know what I woman wants. We enjoyed a very nice meal together and we also decided to go dancing. Seeing him and his almost flawless body moving around the dance floor was sending shivers all the way down my spine and even to other places that won’t be mentioned here.

I really didn’t want the night to end, but obviously all good things must come to an end. For someone like myself that was a first time user of escorts in Norwich I must say that my experience has made my choice for me. Not only will I do it again, I’m also going to make sure that this time around we get to spend a little more intimate time together. I’m not expecting a miracle or anything like that, at the very least it is just nice to have a man around that doesn’t always seem to be in a rush to do the things he wants, he has the time to care and listen to you for a change.

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Get this Cocky Boys discount for 70% off!

If you’re going to get cocky about something, at least you’d better know what the hell you’re talking about. Cocky Boys is a gay porn site that is going to leave you not just begging for more, but it is going to make you see things that you have only dreamed about. You can picture in your mind all you like what a twink stud is going to do with your cock, but seeing him doing it in person is truly something else.

Cocky Boys offers up a seamlessly never ending platter of 18 year old studs that mix it up with men all the way up to their thirties. The action is often intense, unapologetic, and at times just pure rough. You know what though? these younger studs wouldn’t expect anything less and neither would their willing asses.

So far the site has a good collection of 800 movies or so. Content is 100% exclusive and with a deal that you can easily use this Cocky Boys discount to get 70% off you can really just run wild. Better yet this membership comes with DRM free access, this means you can download and keep all that gay sex for as long as your cock desires!

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Hot Guys Having Hot Sex and A Sexy Discount!

Who doesn’t like watching hot guys makeout? Who doesn’t like watching hot guys having sex? Well, now you can get both and have it all with a sexy discount!

GayPornDiscounts.co is a dream come true for those who like cruising porn sites made for guys who love guys. They have over 160 of the hottest discounts on gay porn I have ever seen, plus they have many more bonus sites of the larger networks for a total of over 500 deals.

If the video above is working for you, you can always check out the Men.com discount here. Along with the 50% off monthly discount they also sport a hefty deal on the annual membership. It is 73% off!

You won’t find a better deal this side of Black Friday!

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Saddle Up Sunshine, You’re in for a Ride!

This guy could easily be an actor in a western movie. Good westerns are so scarce and I could buy into him as the good guy. Instead though, he enjoys riding the rest of the men in his posse.

Rim that brim. Bareback without blow-back. Bite into the pillow I’m going in dry. Whatever tickles your fancy or perversion really. This is porn after all and we all have our g-spots. Judgement here would be the epitome of hypocrisy.

That really is a sweet as buckle too and I bet he fills those jeans out with a perfect ass.

There are so many more of these near perfect hunks to perv over. Here’s a great membership opportunity: Men.com discount with 73% in savings. That brings the fee down to a measly $8.33 per month equivalent. That’s the only thing measly you’ll find there.

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Looking for Kim Kardashian Porn Movies?

Kim Kardashian has certainly made a name for herself and her entire family. Over the last few years, or more to the point since she got with Kanye West you could say things have gone very well for her. Most of you might think that Kim is a straight up girl that would never let anyone see her at her worst. I’m hear to tell those of you that don’t know that her sex tape with Ray J has gone on to make close to 50 million dollars. When you consider that some Hollywood movies don’t even make close to that this is good business even if she has to expose herself to do it.

I’ve long suspected that under that good girl image that Kim was a naughty girl and her full sex tape certainly confirms it. When she broke the internet with her smooth looking body people came in droves to see what all the fuss was about. Just think for a second on how many people have been searching for Kim Kardashian porn movies! Even if the tape is 15 years old it still holds up and is well worth a watch even if you’ve seen it before.

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French Cocks Unleashed & More Porn Deals

Look at those pretty young twinks, licking and sharing an uncut cock. Would you like to indulge yourself with some pretty boys like this? If so, you need to snag up a deal to French Twinks. There’s already more than 185 videos here and, guess what? Members can watch live broadcasting of the porn films being produced here. I think that’s a pretty sweet little bonus that many other sites aren’t offering. Here’s where you can grab the deal on this hot site: http://www.discountedporn.club/category/gay-discounts/.

There’s still so many more, so if twinks aren’t your thing exactly, you’re sure to find something you do like there. The All Gay Sites Pass is one of my personal favorites because it gives a nice variety of hot gay porn. Muscled dudes, big cocks, Bear sex, group sex, and more. There’s even some hot straight-to-gay and gay-for-pay sites here if you want to indulge in fantasies with straight men. Have a look around and pick out the best deal for you today, you’re going to love it!

Studly Jocks Fucking Hung Twinks

Here’s where you’re going to find a hot site loaded with sexy amateur twinks, jocks, studs, Daddies, and boys-next-door in over 230 hot-hot-hot videos of exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else! They’re kissing, rimming, sucking and fucking. Cumshots are covering faces, mouths, bodies, and filling up the tight holes that were just being drilled by some hung stud. Get your massive Man Royale discount for 84% off full price.

That means for just five bucks a month, you get all this hot content featuring sexy studs, as well as 12 more bonus sites within the network it belongs to. That’s right, you also get Damn That’s Big, Gay Creeps, Out Him, Men POV, Thick and Big, Gay Castings, Bathhouse Bait, Boys Destroyed, Massage Bait, Office Cock, and Gay Violations. All are pretty awesome if you ask me, especially Damn That’s Big. I lust hard for big gay cock, Mmhmm!

Stop wasting your precious time at the tube sites trying to find a decent video to jerk off to.  Your balls need relief and these Gay Room Network sites have every kind of porn you could possibly want. Grab your deal, you won’t be disappointed!

Finally! Quality Gay Porn Deals to Get You Off With No Hassle

I am always on the lookout for hot gay porn to stroke my dick to. We all know quality porn when we find it, and if I’m spending my money on it, it absolutely has to be good. This is why, before I subscribe to any site or network, I want to put in my own research. I am a bit of a “Frugal Frank” as my ex called me, and I like to know I am getting a good deal.

What can be frustrating is that when I am looking for good discounts on quality sites, I always find myself unwittingly clicking a straight link, and the next thing you know I am swimming in a sea of tits and vag. And what pisses me off, is that they seem to get better deals.

Well not anymore. This new gay section at Porn Discounts has tons of amazing deals at all guy on guy sites that will have you feeling good about amazing hot quality porn, and with value you won’t want to pass up!

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Erections Are Endless With These Smokin’ Hotties

The possibilities are endless too when you have sexy stunners like the very exclusive guys you find at Men.com and you want to know what’s even better? They have a Sense 8 XXX gay parody! I fucking love Sense 8, so watching this video was a no-brainer for me. It really delivered too! They have plenty of regular old hardcore fucking too, if you’re not into the parodies.

Here is where you can get your Men.com discount to get in on all the hot, summer fun. 1,500 new members have already grabbed their deal on over 1,900 HD videos and access to free bonus sites. Check things out for yourself; you won’t be disappointed by the quality of men and their nasty, glorious sex acts here.

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