I have been toying with the idea of opening up my own Gay Porn Blog for a long time. I mentioned my idea to two of my best friends, Mikey and Power Man, who decided to help! I sincerely hope you enjoy our reviews. Leave a comment and tell us how we are doing! --Jake

Evan Rivers


Yummy….. So today, I log on to my computer and to my disgust, out pops this wall paper of 3 sluts getting it on. I know my (straight girls) roommates like to joke around but lets see how they like it when they get a glimpse of Evan Rivers and his naughty threesome.

For all of you wondering who Evan River is, let me fill you in. I consider myself to be much like him (good looking, adventures). J/K…Any way he was also fed up with all the crappy so called gay porn, you know the one that looks like a straight guy made it to make some money. So he decided to make his own site that would feature the fun that he has living down in South Beach with his friends. Although I am not brave enough to have my own site, I figured a blog would be ok for now.

Back to Evan Rivers… You can tell by the design of his site that he takes his site very seriously. You will not get some cheesy lay out of rainbows and guys you have seen a thousand times.  Instead you get a site that gives you access to everything he does. As a matter of fact, if you want be in one of his movies, you can email him. I am serious he wants to prove to you just how different his site is.

Now, check out Evan Rivers and let me know if it was everything you thought it would be.

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Hard Latin Gays – 100% Latino Hunks!

From one of the most successful Gay porn producers in the world comes Hard Latin Gays. Why do we like Latino lovers so much? Because, Latin men are aggressive. They don’t put up with that, "I dunno if I am really gay…" crap. If you get into bed with a Latino, you had better be gay.

Everything at Hard Latin Gays is shot in high def, from the pics to the videos. Updates come in weekly and feature some of the greatest hardcore gay porn.

You get uncut Latin hunks with huge cocks paired up with shaved white boys going bareback. Then there are the orgies. Three to Four Latin boys pulling a train until they collapse in sweaty exhaustion.

Because this site is handled by the leaders in Gay porn, Fetish Hits, you get access to thirteen gay sites for the price of one! Each site carries its own theme and some have overlapping themes. All content is shot for each site individually and everything is excusive.

With so many sites you can look forward to daily updates!

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Broke Straight Boys

Straight guys have plenty of web sites where they get girls to do things they would not normally do for money. It is only right that gay guys achieve balance in the world by creating a site where straight guys do anything for money too. Broke Straight Boys is that site.

In the videos above several straight guys are paid to get their cocks sucked. The twist is that they don’t know a guy is going to be doing the sucking. Watching these guys enjoy something new to them is wonderful. Seeing their faces when the masks come off is priceless.

Being good sports and realizing they enjoyed their blowjobs even more than when their girlfriends do it (and another fist full of cash thrown in their faces) had these guys sucking cock for their first time.

The Broke Straight Boys videos are shot in high definition and come in a variety of formats including Mac friendly formats. Videos are broken down into different sizes and speeds to match your Internet connection. Each video comes with pics capturing the action.

Broke Straight Boys will do anything for money and with our economy in recession there is no shortage of broke straight boys to fuck. With so many guys available this site is able to update twice a week.

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Buzz West – Reid’s First Gay Massage

Buzz West is great gay porn. The site is loaded with straight guys jacking off while knowing their videos with end up on a gay site. They don’t care… Why? Because even the straight ones are a little bit curious.

Along with straight guys jacking off you get a lot of guys receiving a helping hand. Most of them have never even had a massage from a women before. Reid above falls into that category. When he flips over he gets a little more than he bargained for.

Buzz West finds a lot of his models on leave in San Diego from various deployments in various branches of the armed services.

Back to Reid…. Buzz works Reid up into a frenzy and you can see gobs of precum oozing out of his hard cock. He giggles once in a while out of nervousness. It is so cute!

Eventually Buzz brings Reid to the point of no return and wow, can this boy cum! You would think Reid had never orgasmed before. He shoots and shoots and shoots. But then, he is in the military so I guess we should expect Reid to shoot well!

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Sean Cody – Duncan the Teenage Hunk!

First let’s talk a little about Duncan. He is the teenage heart throb above. What a hunk!

Back in high school I used to pretend I was straight and masturbate to dreams of our quarterback. I watched all of his games and eventually went out for the team so I could see him naked in the locker room. Duncan is his spitting image. Do you blame me?

So, who is Sean Cody then? Well, he is the photographer. He finds cute guys like Duncan and puts a spotlight on them as only Sean Cody can.

Sean grew up straight too but, eventually he realized he was gay. Just like me he had a fascination for the hunky guys at school. Sean went to work for a software company and that left him with a lot of time and money to explore his feelings towards other men.

Now we get to see Sean’s obsession with the male form on his popular gay site SeanCody.com. There you are treated to a massive assortment of hot gay men ages 18 to 30. Most of the men on his site are straight, including Duncan. Too bad… I have so many ideas for this boy-toy!

Along with the solo straight guys that pose and do nude videos there are plenty of hunky gay guys that interact with one another. Grab a pass and find out why Sean Cody is so damn popular.

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Glory Hole Boys

Why do straight guys have such a hard time with gay guys wanting to fuck a gay virgin? They understand their own attraction to nubile girls, and yet, they don’t understand our attraction to straight (gay-virgin) men?

Glory Hole Boys is the ultimate gay porn site for anyone into bagging straight men. The idea is that guys enter public toilets at beaches, shopping centers, you name it, and they find a gay cock staring them straight in the face.

More often than not the guys are a bit reluctant to do anything. Is this a trick? A sting? Will someone find out?

Eventually curiosity takes over and the Glory Hole Boys succumb to their own innate lustful thoughts about other guys. The taboo aspects of the situation give way to excitement. Basically, they give some guy they don’t even know the best gay blowjob ever performed. And things don’t stop there!

Once the Glory Hole Boys finish their first gay blowjob they have to see what they have been missing. Before you know it they are sticking their cocks through the holes and wondering why they never did this before.

Before you know it, those Glory Hole Boys are putting their assholes in front of the glory holes hoping for a poke. Get a password to GloryHoleBoys.com and remember your first time!

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