I have been toying with the idea of opening up my own Gay Porn Blog for a long time. I mentioned my idea to two of my best friends, Mikey and Power Man, who decided to help! I sincerely hope you enjoy our reviews. Leave a comment and tell us how we are doing! --Jake

Suite 703 – Alex Slater – Girth Grooks

What could be “suiter” than one big gay cock? How about two big gay cocks on some of the hunkiest men in gay porn? Alex Slater “meats” Girth Brooks in Suite 703. The hottest place on Earth for a gay man to be!

Alex is no stranger to sucking big gay cocks. He even sucks on a few straight ones now and then. Once he answered the plumbing call at Girth’s house he quickly realized this was going to be a messy job!

Both of these rock hard hunks took a turn pitching and catching. Talk about being ambidextrous!

Suite 703 updates weekly with very high quality gay videos. Each of the HD videos are accompanied by equally high quality photos. Join now and take advantage of these rock hard studs. Current prices are less than $2 for a three day trial, less than $5 for a week and less than $15 for a month!

Get yourself an early Fourth of July present by grabbing the biggest deal yet, less than $8 per month when you go for the annual anal pass!

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Dick Dorm


The straight guys have a site called Dare Dorm where they get girls to do some pretty crazy shit. It is all in good fun and, get this, the site pays the participants 10K to send in their videos!

Well, now the gay community has our own version called Dick Dorm and as you can see above, it is outrageously sweet!

Dick Dorm challenges straight guys to prove they aren’t prudes by having 1st time gay sex. You’d be amazed at just how far a college guy will go to prove he ain’t no prude. Haha!

The two blokes above start out pretty timid and then work their way into getting comfortable. Then just before it is time to blow the guy on the left realizes he is about to blow his cock juice into another guys mouth. He wonders out load if this is going to make him gay or not and then decides to let it go!

Don’t join another gay site until you give Dick Dorm a try. It is out of this world!

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Chaos Men – Taylor


You probably have enough chaos in your life… You probably don’t want anymore… Except that this kind of Chaos is exactly what the doctor ordered!

Chaos Men pairs hot studs with more hot studs. They get right down to it and don’t beat around the bush. Your time is precious and in short supply. No problem, Chaos Men adds a new video or two weekly and each one has a high resolution photo set to go with it.

You could say that Chaos Men is the amateur gay site with professional quality guys!

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Haze Him


You may have heard of straight sites like Girls Gone Wild or Lightspeed University. They are great sites as far as straight sites go, but where do gay guys go to get the same experience?

Finally there is a solution and it is called Haze Him. The gay guys answer to Girls Gone Wild and I have to say, these videos get pretty wild!

Haze Him follows the weekly parties of a gay college fraternity. The new recruits are hazed in ways that would make your grandfather turn in his grave. Well, sorry pops, these guys are having fun!

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Bad Puppy – Bad Boy Jake Woods

Jake Woods is a go getter. When he wants something he doesn’t wait around just looking handsome and pretty, he actively pursues his passions. Always has been that way with Jake. Especially when he had the hots for one of the guys on his wrestling team. Both being pretty limber boys, fireworks went off that day!

You can watch Jake at Bad Puppy. There are hundreds of models and most do several videos and picture sets. With four picture resolutions and over 85 types of streaming video and downloadable video, Bad Puppy is the gay site to end all gay site discussions!

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Sneaky Peek – The Ultimate Gay Spy Cams!


Straight sites have been showing them for years. Now it is time for a gay site to not only do the same, but break the mold in the process!

Sneaky Peek takes you inside men’s locker rooms, showers, sleeping quarters and more. You get uninhibited access to men doing what men do naturally while they are alone and in groups. They even throw in a bundle of cameras showing 18 and 19 year old teen boys!

You won’t see this kind of cock swinging footage anywhere else because these guys setup these gay hidden cameras themselves. Everything is 100% exclusive. Like the straight guy that was tricked into stripping on his webcam while talking to two “girls”. Little did her know two gay men were on the other side of that connection. And that ultimately thousands of gay men would see the video!

Watch guys masturbate and have sex without knowing a gay guy is checking out their cock. Dreaming about their tight ass. Having the ultimate gay voyeur fantasy. These boys always assume the guy looking in the window is checking out their girlfriend. Little do they know they are the target of our obsession.

Get a pass to Sneaky Peek and start exploring the world of gay voyeurism!

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Cum on Boys


The site is called Cum on Boys and one of its catch phrases is “Thousands of Models”, however, don’t let that fool you. Cum on Boys is more about amateurs and getting them out of the closet than it is about being a professional gay site. In other words, 95% of the boys are first time amateurs!

Frank started this site with one idea in his mind. To make gay a bit more mainstream. To do that he needed help from the straight community and what better guys to help then curiously straight men? If guys who are curious saw boys just like them enjoying gay sex for the first time perhaps that would break down the barriers and they could enjoy a first time moment of their own.

Each of the weekly updates includes high resolution pics with the videos so you can pause the action and even zoom in! Members of Cum on Boys also get access to Male Next Door, Ultimate Stud and Sweet Young Boys.

Grab a pass and see why Cum on Boys is one of the fastest growing gay (curious) sites on the net!

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Xtra Inches


My blog’s readers come from many different backgrounds and different sexual orientations.

The most obvious type of guy on this blog is the gay type. This type knows they are gay and has known since they could first remember. The next type of reader is bi-sexual. He enjoys both men and women. Next, we have the bi-sexually curious. Maybe his girlfriend or wife wants to see him with another guy or perhaps he wishes she did! Finally, we have the straight guy that is pretty much just curious. He enjoys the fact that he can be curious in the privacy of his own home.

That is where Xtra Inches comes in. Nobody prefers to see a small cock. Not even a curious guy. To the curious guy XtraInches.com is like the game You Show Me Yours and I’ll Show You Mine. He is impressed with what he sees and he digs deeper (excuse the pun).

When it comes to the curious guy he probably thinks, “Damn! No wonder why she wants to see me with another dude. She not only gets to see me and another guy pleasuring each other, she gets to see his big cock too!” This guy starts to wonder if maybe he should start putting things up his butt to stretch things out before he and his significant other start trolling bars looking for a third party.

The gay male is rooted in reality. He knows the world isn’t full of well-hung studs, unfortunately. Perhaps he fell in love with a man and found out later that he wasn’t exactly all that and a bag of chips below the belt. But, he loves him just the same. He can always login and dream!

Xtra Inches is one of the few gay sites that goes the extra mile. Begun in 2003, Xtra Inches is on a mission to bring you the hottest guys with the largest cocks of any site. New amateur gay videos are uploaded every two weeks and amateur pics are uploaded weekly. Porn Star studs are easier to find so their videos are updated weekly and there is a DVD section with full length movies in 30 different niches and sub-niches!

No matter what type of guy you are, Xtra Inches will leave you satisfied!

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Bad Puppy


Bad Puppy was created for the voyeur in you. Whether you are a straight guy just trying to satisfy your curiosity or a gay guy… just trying to satisfy your curiosity, Bad Puppy has the tools you need.

Bad Puppy got its start when two curious guys met in a chat room and shared both a curiosity for gay porn and a distain for the difficulty in finding it. Sure, there is no shortage of gay porn on the Internet. The problem is that most of it is crap. Tons of sites actually convert VHS tapes to digital movies and expect people to pay for it!

Not anymore!

With a password to BadPuppy.com you get exclusive porn shot by Bad Puppy, for Bad Puppy and you also get 24/7 access to live cams! Free cams, not those pay us to go further stuff you find elsewhere.

Some of the models at Bad Puppy are members wanting to take things to the next level. They landed on the site do to their curiousness and found out they could help others in their same predicament. A win-win for everyone!

Model images at Bad Puppy are shot in 4 different resolutions. There are over 1,600 models already in the archives! Videos have no digital rights management so what ever you download is yours to keep even if you cancel your membership.

And… As if those aren’t enough reasons to join, Merry Christmas!

They just lowered the price by $10!

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First Gay Porno

First Gay Porno
Ever wonder how the gay porn industry finds new recruits?

The answer is FirstGayPorno.com. A place where you can watch the hardcore gay action that transpires during gay movie auditions. Sometimes the guys don’t even know they are auditioning for a gay movie! Other times the guys definitely know and will do anything to get into the movie (and the producer)!

You get to see gay guys both young and old giving the world’s most impressive blowjobs. Remember these guys are trying to impress the producer so they hold nothing back. Speaking of backs…

The perspective actors at First Gay Porno put their asses on the line. Literally. Some even do exercises to keep their behinds nice and tight. Some keep their ass extra loose and can take two cocks.

At $1 for a 3 day trial and eleven bonus gay sites in the mix the deals don’t get much better than this!

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His First Gay Sex

There is a first time for everything. Whether it is in college, shared with someone else on a sports team, with a colleague at work or even later in life, every straight guy has his first gay sex.

OK, maybe not all of them… Some fight with themselves like I did and unlike me they never now what they are missing. But, they think about it. For a lot of them they think about it all the time.

HisFirstGaySex.com pairs bi-curious straight guys up with not so curious gay men. Each episode starts with a guy that isn’t fully convinced he knows what or who he is. With a little (and sometimes a lot of) coercion he comes around and once he tastes cock for the first time he is hooked. Once he brings another guy off with a magnificent blowjob and then receives a truly remarkable blowjob in return, as only a man can give, he becomes aware of what side he is on. Of what side he was always on.

His First Gay Sex is just one of eight sights included in the All Gay Reality Pass. A unique blend of gay sites with a reality twist. Each site has its own 100% exclusive content shot just for that site. Gay sub niches include twinks, hunks, big cocks, blind date sex, first facials and more!

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Visconti Triplets

Well it looks like I wasn’t the only one that found the Visconti Triplets dreamy. I received some requests for more of their pics but decided to switch things up a bit.

Time to play the which one of the Visconti Triplets am I jacking off to game!

Remember, if you get it wrong the real triplet will be crushed.

OK… I will give you a hint. This one’s name starts with a J.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Maybe you should click on his picture and get some more visual clues?

OK…. I will come clean. I don’t even know which one it is and, to be honest I don’t think they would care! In fact, I think they would find it funny. I am sure these three hunks pull the switch all the time.

Visconti Triplets is more than just three hot gay triplets, it is also every other gay stud on their web site. It is full of them. It would be illegal (in the USA) for them to have sex with each other… So they bring in some of the hottest guys they can find.

Sure, none of the guys they bring on to suck their cocks is as good looking as the Visconti Triplets are but, take away the triplets and I’d be happy to leave the bar with any of these guys.

OK… Now I just cheated by looking in the members area and finding some distinguishing characteristics of the triplet above.

I know who it is but I am not going to tell!

If you want to find out you need to get your own pass to Visconti Triplets.

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Feed That Hole – The Unexpected…

DSCN9881 []
At every workplace there is that guy no one suspects is gay but in reality, he is really, really gay. Today I will tell you a story about that guy.

One of the jobs I worked in my early twenties was for a construction company. The company built homes and we had a guy on our crew with baby blue eyes and all of the ladies loved him. At the time I wasn’t out and I would get jealous inside when I saw how the ladies would swarm over him at the bar.

He always gave me a nod and a wink that I took to mean I would get my turn some day. Ha… I thought, if he only knew I wanted my turn with him, not with the ladies!

Well, one fateful day we were ending our shift and he asked me if I wanted to come over and toss back some beers… maybe cook a few steaks. I figured, sure, why not? Hopefully he wouldn’t ask me too many sports questions… Wouldn’t know that I was lusting for him.

When we got to his place he took a shower and came out wearing only a towel… and let it drop!

My cock became an instant hardon. I was shocked. He came over to me and pulled my dick out and told me I was going to receive an amazing blowjob. Being a man of his word, he delivered! In spades!

How did I not know he was gay? I guess it was because I was still young and dumb and working in a job where being a homosexual doesn’t go over very well.

I have spent countless hours watching the videos at Feed That Hole thinking about my experience with my co-worker. It is easy to lose track of time there. Not only do they have hot high definition videos but, they also have behind the scenes videos so you can really get cozy with the guys!

Members of Feed That Hole also get access to BareBack That Hole. You might want to reschedule the entire next week!

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Latino Smooth – Ariel and Elias

Well, we saw the hunky Latino with The Amazing Moro. Now it is time for the Latino Smooth with Ariel and Elias.

I polled my gay friends and came up with some statistics that I had already assumed where correct before I had even asked the questions. Most gay men either like their partners smooth like the twink boys above or they like a hairy chest. Think Magnum PI. Today’s post is for the guys that like them smooth.

There is nothing wrong with liking your Latino smooth. There is a market for barely legal teens in the straight world. It goes without saying that there would be a counter part in the gay world too.

Latino Smooth matches two niches together. Twinks and Latino blood. One of the hottest things about Latino gays is they are tan all over. Even in the winter you get to look at tan skin.

When it comes to LatinoSmooth.com they have some really sexy guys and I enjoy how raw the videos are. I don’t mean raw as in shaky cameras or grainy footage, I mean raw as in these guys lust for each other!

On the tour there is a sample video and watching frosted haired guy wrestling with his lovers belt reminds me of some pretty good times. Like trying to have sex with your "best friend" before mom and dad get home from the movies…

You get weekly updates at Latino Smooth and the videos are both PC and MAC friendly. Being part of a large network of sites you also get access to four more twink sites…. if you can handle that much action!

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The Amazing Moro – The First Time…

When your name is Amazing Moro, you have a duty to your loyal fans to be just that, amazing… and Moro definitely delivers!

I picked this particular video gallery from AmazingMoro.com for today’s post because it reminded me of a first time situation I had when I was younger.

Back then I was a young impressionable kid and the next door neighbor certainly made an impression on me. He was a muscular Latin man with a crisp goatee. Up until him I had never really seen someone of his physique in person before. He was my Adonis.

On this fateful day I was in my backyard and I heard what sounded like my neighbor grunting. I wondered if maybe he was working out or something and decided to peer over the wall for a look. Boy was I in for a surprise.

My neighbor was working out all right… He was working out his cock!

Being a young voyeur I moved down the wall for a closer look. There he was, pumping his large Latin cock. He had no idea I was there and he was really getting into his rhythm.

My own cock started getting hard and I pulled it out of the pant leg to my shorts. Pre-cum had already begun to make a mess of things but came in handy once I started my own furious rhythm.

I had no idea how long my Latino exhibitionist had been toiling away with his tool so I figured I had better make this a quick one. He was relatively new to the neighborhood and for all I knew, this kind of display was going to be a regular thing. No need to capture it all in my mind right now.

Right when I felt ready to cum he shot his own load two feet into the air and it landed on his belly. I couldn’t hold back and shot my own load onto the wall in front of me. The cum shot out so hard it splashed off the wall and back onto my shorts!

When my Latin stud finished milking his cock I was treated to another nice surprise, he tasted his own cum! That certainly put some thoughts into my head. Was he gay?

I never built up the courage to find out the answer to that question but I do know this, Amazing Moro is gay. He has embraced his sexuality and has the video footage to prove it.

Along with Amazing Moro you get access to the Naughty Cocks Network. A collection of gay sites centered around some amazing men! With so many sites you get updates several times a week. Both the videos and the pictures are crystal clear.

Amazing Moro talks to his fans via Email and through his diary. Some fans have even performed with or for Moro. Being a personal trainer Moro is used to giving people that kind of personal attention. Lucky us!

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