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I really hate to kiss and tell, but after the night that I just had I can’t help but to spill the beans. It all started out innocently enough, a friend of mine had been suggesting for a while now that I try my luck with a male escort norwich and I finally decided to listen to them. It was one of the best nights of my life and it wasn’t because anything "naughty happened", quite the opposite in fact.

My guy was dreamy to look at and a total gentlemen as well. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble for him and he had a smile on him that would light up an entire room. I also liked the fact that he was well educated and also seemed to really know what I woman wants. We enjoyed a very nice meal together and we also decided to go dancing. Seeing him and his almost flawless body moving around the dance floor was sending shivers all the way down my spine and even to other places that won’t be mentioned here.

I really didn’t want the night to end, but obviously all good things must come to an end. For someone like myself that was a first time user of escorts in Norwich I must say that my experience has made my choice for me. Not only will I do it again, I’m also going to make sure that this time around we get to spend a little more intimate time together. I’m not expecting a miracle or anything like that, at the very least it is just nice to have a man around that doesn’t always seem to be in a rush to do the things he wants, he has the time to care and listen to you for a change.

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